When Smith, an Australian-born alterna popster, purrs "Making love to you is like a new religion," it's listeners who'll be converted to her sonic church. Smith glides through Madonna- like trance'n'dance grooves with the greatest of ease, and surfs on techno and trip-hop waves with both grace and swagger. Whether it's a tasty mod-pop ditty such as "I Am" or an erotic, mystic, techno-pop tale of seduction such as "New Religion", Smith is a PoMo sonic sorceress.” - Rick Yampert

— The Tennessean

Uncover Magazine” - Maryna Wind

— Uncover Magazine

Uncover Magazine

— Uncover Magazine

I Am...Huge production, great groove track, dreamy pop flavored vocals”

— Alternative Artist

Smith's music is creative and keeps me mesmerised!!”

— GoGirls Music