Tania started playing keyboards (in particular the Hammond B3) in Tasmania, Australia at the age of 8. She was playing professionally at 10, & grew up playing R&B, Blues & Jazz in the local club scene. At 15 she won the national Yamaha Electone keyboard competition in Australia becoming the first Tasmanian to do so.

Later she moved to Sydney playing live & appearing in videos with some of Australia’s biggest artists including Beatfish (w/ Martin Plaza-Mental As Anything & James Freud-Models), Alex Smith (Moving Pictures), Margaret Urlich, Gyan & touring Australia, Japan & the UK with Kylie Minogue as her keyboardist and appeared in her KYLIE-LIVE! concert video which was filmed in Dublin at "The Point". She co-wrote the song "Something More" for Australian country duo Fisk & Cristian on their "Joyride" album and she's also written music for Nintendo and Gameboy

While singing on an album with James Blundell she met American producer Rafe Van Hoy & started pursuing a solo career. A song they wrote together helped Ashley Cleveland win a Grammy for best Rock Gospel Album. The song “Lesson Of Love” was also the album title.

Currently living in the US she has toured the US and overseas with Jamie O'Neal as her musical director/keyboardist in support of her "SHIVER" CD on "The Girls Night Out Tour" with Reba, Martina McBride & Sarah Evans, as well as tours by Kenny Chesney, Montgomery Gentry, LoneStar & Toby Keith. She has also played on recordings & albums by artists & writers such as such as Billy Burnette, (Fleetwood Mac member) Steve Azar, Paul Carrack, Bekka Bramlett, Kylie Minogue (Live In Dublin), Tony Colton, Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn & Billy Mann (Pink, Sting, Celine, Dion, Jessica Simpson).

She has appeared on TV shows such as David Letterman, Jay Leno, CMT Most Wanted Live, CMT's On The Verge as well as music videos & has performed live as musical director for Michael McDonald, Willie Nelson & Leeanne Womack for one off appearances.

Her solo career began with her cosmic pop band SpaceJunky and they released an album called "Resident Alien". SpaceJunky also played as the studio band behind country rocker Steve Azar on his debut album "Waiting On Joe". Not only did they deliver him a #2 hit single with "I Don't Have To Be Me 'Til Monday" that remained on the charts for 48 weeks they also played a smoking swamp-roots version "Big Blue Sky" written by SpaceJunky co producer Rafe Van Hoy, which was recorded and released by Reba McEntire on her First Valentine's Day Album "Love Revival".  

SpaceJunky received an international story on CNN with Miles O’Brien for their work in the virtual world of Second Life where they had their own island called Planet 7 - The Crystal City. This was where their friends and fans hung out and the band  performed. Studying the effects of music in large venues was Tania’s introduction to music as energy. Unseen and untouchable, music forms a direct connection to the soul and has the ability to make a profound impact. One of the reasons she loves to perform is music’s ability to inspire and uplift. She continued this study of music as energy in Second Life where she also hosted live meditations and the whole SpaceJunky Island of Planet 7 - Crystal City was an exercise in holding the intention of cosmic love and heartfelt respect for all, with this theme running through most of their music. SpaceJunky was voted best band in Second Life by a group of music business students at NYU and Tania taught students at Penn State University about music in Second Life by giving them a tour of the bands world and how they were using the platform to market their music. The band also performed in Second Life for Princeton University. 

Tania continues to produce different recording projects under her own name as an artist, as well as recording meditation albums under the name "Crystal Gypsy". She recently released an album called Mini Meditations and she has just released the first single from the new album Jungleflower called Jungleflower. She will also be releasing new music with SpaceJunky as well as a new collaboration with Eric Seats who has worked with Destiny's Child, Aaliyah and Missy Elliott. Their project will be called Radiant Galaxy.

She is also an energy healer, and the founder and owner of Rainbow Lovina Healing Arts, LLC, a company dedicated to the healing arts primarily Tibetan energy healing, intuitive mentoring, hypnosis and meditation programs. She is a transformation specialist and helps others to heal from stress and limiting beliefs while discovering and following their dreams. Being in the music business gives her an advantage working with artists, performers in particular as she understand the unique challenges they face. She has an active practice  in Nashville, primarily in the music and entertainment industry, and travels the world learning and teaching about higher consciousness in all its forms. Her passion is serving and championing others, empowering her clients to live successful, healthy and happy live… chasing their dreams and following their bliss! Learn more about her work at www.rainbowloivna.com and her jewelry company Crystal Gypsy Designs at www.crystalgypsy.com



"In a galaxy several thousand lightyears away, a council of the Galactic Federation selected 3 of their best transvibrational beings to travel as emmisaries to planet Earth. Their appointed mission was to observe and adapt as musicians in separate continents, and through cosmic and technological connectivity impart their vibrational messages of healing and energy while reactivating star codes through earthly forms of musical communication." 

SpaceJunky comprises 3 Australian musicians and a US producer. (SpaceJunky is the band name that Tania Smith uses her pop recording projects. (She records meditation CDs under the name Crystal Gypsy.) At the time they met and connected, life was taking them to other continents to live and work in the music business. Tania to the US & Luke to Malaysia, while Dan remained in Sydney. Not to be stopped they spent months at a time together when they could, living and working together writing and recording until "Resident Alien" was born. Actually the vault contains about 3 albums! Collectively they have played on some of the biggest stages in the world, recorded albums, and written hit songs for and with some of the biggest artists in the business. From Kylie Minogue to TrickDaddy, Fleetwood Mac, to Brooks & Dunn, Jamie O'Neal to Olivia Newton-John these guys & girl have been involved with grammy winning albums. All the while coming together when they could and working on this project that is SpaceJunky they have lent their talents to others. Introducing you to a band that lives on 3 different continents, is fronted by a girl who spanks a Hammond B3 and is connected by an unforseen energy that is SpaceJunky. 


May the groove be with you!