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SpaceJunky On CNN 

SpaceJunky was featured on CNN about using the virtual world of Second Life to promote their new CD "Resident Alien".

RIP Crystal City 

RIP Planet 7 - Crystal City. The Second Life SpaceJunky community is now closed for the moment due to the band working on other projects. SpaceJunky will continue to do concerts in Second Life. Here is a look back at the beautiful crystal city that their "StarTribe" called home. 

Here is a video shot in Second Life at the bands "Crystal City" on SpaceJunky Island where fans rented homes, hung out, shopped, played and watched SpaceJunky Virtual Concerts. SpaceJunky created a microcosm of their bands music, bringing to life the subjects they make music about. 

The song StarTribe was taken from Tania's solo piano CD "7 Tears Of Tara"


Reba cuts Big Blue Sky for Hallmark CD after hearing SpaceJunky's demo 

A few years before SpaceJunky released their new debut CD "Resident Alien" they played as the studio band behind country rocker Steve Azar. Not only did they deliver him a #2 hit single that remained on the charts for 48 weeks they also played a smoking swamp-roots version "Big Blue Sky" written by SpaceJunky producer Rafe Van Hoy, which was recorded and released by Reba McEntire on her First Valentine's Day Album "Love Revival" for Hallmark. Reba at her rockin' best.

Major Corporations Seek Out SpaceJunky To Play Concerts In The Virtual Realm. 

SpaceJunky was sought out by major corporations to play "virtual concerts" in their virtual environments. Corporations like 

SONY - Acid Software Remix Contest for their song Gravitational Pull 
PARAMOUNT PICTURES- Blades Of Glory DVD Release 
ZOPPINI- Italian Jewelry Company 
WARNER BROS- Gossip Girls 
SPLITSVILLE BOWLING- Opening Of Splitsville In Second Life 

and just recently a show for RADIO IMAGO, the largest webradio station in Italy!!

Sony Acid Planet Remix Contest 

SpaceJunky's involvement with Second Life resulted in Sony Creative Acid Planet hosting a remix contest for their song Gravitational Pull. This is the same remix contest that they have hosted for Madonna, Lenny Kravitz and Black Eyed Peas. It came about because of SpaceJunky's involvement with Second Life and their story on CNN International about how the band used Second Life to reach out to music fans around the world.

 The winner was rapper Metaphysics from the German multi platinum selling band Sohne Mannheims.